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Chapter # pages Frech Bambara Bilingual
Front matter 6 fra_0_fr_matter.pdf bam_0_fr_matter.pdf bilingue_0_fr_matter.pdf
Introduction: Words to the village health worker 28 fra_1_intro.pdf bam_1_intro.pdf bilingue_1_intro.pdf
Table of Contents 6 fra_2_toc.pdf bam_2_toc.pdf bilingue_2_toc.pdf
Chapter 1: Home cures and popular beliefs 18 fra_chapitre_01.pdf bam_chapitre_01.pdf bilingue_chapitre_01.pdf
Chapter 2: Sicknesses that are often confused 13 fra_chapitre_02.pdf bam_chapitre_02.pdf bilingue_chapitre_02.pdf
Chapter 3: How to examine a sick person 14 fra_chapitre_03.pdf bam_chapitre_03.pdf bilingue_chapitre_03.pdf
Chapter 4: How to take care of a sick person 7 fra_chapitre_04.pdf bam_chapitre_04.pdf bilingue_chapitre_04.pdf
Chapter 5: Healing without medicines 4 fra_chapitre_05.pdf bam_chapitre_05.pdf bilingue_chapitre_05.pdf
Chapter 6: Right and wrong uses of modern medicines 7 fra_chapitre_06.pdf bam_chapitre_06.pdf bilingue_chapitre_06.pdf
Chapter 7: Antibiotics: what they are and how to use them 5 fra_chapitre_07.pdf bam_chapitre_07.pdf bilingue_chapitre_07.pdf
Chapter 8: How to measure and give medicine 6 fra_chapitre_08.pdf bam_chapitre_08.pdf bilingue_chapitre_08.pdf
Chapter 9: Instructions and precautions for injections 12 fra_chapitre_09.pdf bam_chapitre_09.pdf bilingue_chapitre_09.pdf
Chapter 10: First aid 58 fra_chapitre_10.pdf bam_chapitre_10.pdf bilingue_chapitre_10.pdf
Chapter 11: Nutrition: what to eat to be healthy 33 fra_chapitre_11.pdf bam_chapitre_11.pdf bilingue_chapitre_11.pdf
Chapter 12: Prevention: how to avoid many sicknesses 36 fra_chapitre_12.pdf bam_chapitre_12.pdf bilingue_chapitre_12.pdf
Chapter 13: Some very common sicknesses 37 fra_chapitre_13.pdf bam_chapitre_13.pdf bilingue_chapitre_13.pdf
Chapter 14: Serious illnesses that need special medical attention 26 fra_chapitre_14.pdf bam_chapitre_14.pdf bilingue_chapitre_14.pdf
Chapter 15: Skin problems 27 fra_chapitre_15.pdf bam_chapitre_15.pdf bilingue_chapitre_15.pdf
Chapter 16: The eyes 15 fra_chapitre_16.pdf bam_chapitre_16.pdf bilingue_chapitre_16.pdf
Chapter 17: The teeth, gums, and mouth 5 fra_chapitre_17.pdf bam_chapitre_17.pdf bilingue_chapitre_17.pdf
Chapter 18: The urinary system and the genitals 18 fra_chapitre_18.pdf bam_chapitre_18.pdf bilingue_chapitre_18.pdf
Chapter 19: Information for mothers and midwives 47 fra_chapitre_19.pdf bam_chapitre_19.pdf bilingue_chapitre_19.pdf
Chapter 20: Family planning – having the number of children you want 14 fra_chapitre_20.pdf bam_chapitre_20.pdf bilingue_chapitre_20.pdf
Chapter 21: Caring for children 45 fra_chapitre_21.pdf bam_chapitre_21.pdf bilingue_chapitre_21.pdf
Chapter 22: Health and sicknesses of older people 9 fra_chapitre_22.pdf bam_chapitre_22.pdf bilingue_chapitre_22.pdf
Chapter 23: The medicine kit 9 fra_chapitre_23.pdf bam_chapitre_23.pdf bilingue_chapitre_23.pdf
Chapter 24: HIV and AIDS 6 fra_chapitre_24.pdf bam_chapitre_24.pdf bilingue_chapitre_24.pdf
Chapter 25: The uses, dosage, and precautions for medicines 90 fra_chapitre_25.pdf bam_chapitre_25.pdf bilingue_chapitre_25.pdf
Glossary 38 fra_glossary.pdf bam_glossary.pdf bilingue_glossary.pdf